You are currently viewing Passive Class Review: The Unbeatable Lead Capture Hub.

Passive Class Review: The Unbeatable Lead Capture Hub.

What a lovely person, full of creativity and ingenuity, who has given us reason to rejoice! In this Passive Class Review, we’ll be pleased to meet Lee Murray, the system’s founder, who has managed to put together a done-for-you solution that will generate revenue into your PayPal account without any difficulty.

In reality, with this technique, which is entirely free to get started with, he has had a significant impact on the lives of many people. Lee, on the other hand, is a seasoned marketer who has been able to generate some back-end upsells. However, none of them are required to provide passive classwork for you. What this fantastic dude, Lee, has put together for us to help create a good environment is the driving force behind this review.


Passive Class Review; The Unbeatable Lead Capture Hub


This Lee Murray-designed Passive Class is a free training course focused on Affiliate Marketing.

You will learn the following in this Passive Class Review:

  • The very basics of how to build a list.
  • both free and paid methods of driving traffic.
  • email marketing strategy.
  • launch jacking.
  • marketing through forums, and many, many more.

Lee is putting in a lot of effort to offer Passive Class a boost with a really clever approach, thanks to his skills. This is why he refers to it as “Your Lead Capture Hub.”

Lee Murray has shown himself to be a wise man. Lee can collect emails from individuals that use Passive as a lead capture center. What causes this to happen? When someone sends traffic or leads to the passive class’s sales page, people who sign up will be added to Murray’s email list automatically. That is quite clever!

Though this isn’t necessarily “bad,” you should be aware of it for a variety of reasons.

If you’re trying to advertise a product on the internet or in the affiliate marketing sector, and that same product is heavily pushed by Lee Murray himself in Passive Class, you’re in trouble. Because Lee will be utilizing his own affiliate link, you will have a slim chance of succeeding. As a result, we receive 100% of the commissions produced.

Lee Murray will make a lot of money as an affiliate because you’re both in the same niche. It’s only necessary to be aware of this.


Lee Murray has been making a nice living online for over ten years. In the area of affiliate marketing, he has had a significant impact. In addition to being a great affiliate for the products he promotes, he has also built some fantastic courses in the past, including:

  • Breakfast Embedded
  • Enter The Niche and
  • Affiliate Psycho.

Lee Murray is both an outstanding copywriter and an amazing email marketer. I can certainly state that Lee’s emails are excellent and engaging. They’re free of nonsense, unlike the emails you get from most marketers, which aren’t worth reading. Lee Murray’s emails, on the other hand, are full of expertise, humor, substance, and fascinating material.

Lee Murray, the inventor of Passiveclass, has been generating a lot of money online since 2013. He’s been doing this full-time for a long time.

According to warriorplus, he has been able to launch 29 products so far. As the deal of the day, these products include 20 special offerings.

Lee Murray has a distinctive approach to video instruction. His email content is always amusing and engrossing. Even though it can be a little strange at times.

His videos are always entertaining to watch because they are frequently spontaneous. His regular style and habit are to ramble and wander off subject for an extended length of time.

In a nutshell, his product subjects revolve around email marketing and list building.

The following are only a few of his offers:

  • 21 And Done
  • Email Slick
  • Down and Dirty List Building
  • Finally FREE!
  • It’s All you Need
  • List Synergy
  • Shiny Object Lemonade
  • Breakfast Embed
  • Profit VS Profit
  • List Synergy Trifecta
  • Affiliate Psycho
  • Gutter To Gold
  • Enter The Niche and many more.


After purchasing passive Class, you will receive approximately 5 OTOs, which include the following:

  •  7 Done For You (DFY) follow-up emails with High-converting Video squeeze that is valued at $9.95,
  • 30 more Done For You (DFY) follow-up emails valued at $19.95,
  • The email with Lead Capture Club: here, each month, you get access to DFY to follow up emails and capture pages valued at $9.95 or you pay $67 to get it for LIFE,
  • Internet Marketing (IM) Niche Domination valued at $47,
  • 100% commissions  on anything that is being promoted for you by Lee at $47

When used correctly, the front-end product can help you achieve more success. Other “value-added” Upsells could also contribute to the success story.

Let’s have a peek at the whole Passive Class Review funnels:

Let’s look into the Passive Class Review complete funnels:

Product Name Price
Passiveclass (front-end) $0
OTO1 – Full Lead Capture System $9.95
OTO 2 – 30 DFY Emails $19.95
OTO 3A – Email and Lead Capture Club (Monthly) $9.95
OTO 3B – Email and Lead Capture Club (Lifetime) $67
OTO 4 – IM Niche Domination PLUS $47
OTO 5 – Passive Class 100% Commission Bump $47

We’ll go over each of the aforementioned upgrades one by one as follows:

OTO 1 – Full Lead Capture System

The simple squeeze page and thank-you page that make up this OTO are both made with Thrive Architect.

Passive Class Review: OTO 1 - Full Lead Capture System

OTO 2 – 30 DFY Emails

These are 30 Done-For-You (DFY) emails, of which

  • Lee Murray’s “Enter The Niche” is being promoted in seven emails. and
  • 2 emails are promoting Passive Class
Passive Class Review: OTO 2 - 30 DFY Emails

OTO 3A – Email and Lead Capture Club (Monthly)

The monthly, recurring-charged version of OTO 3B is what this entails:

OTO 3B – Email and Lead Capture Club (Lifetime)

The following is what you will be getting every month:

  • -more Done-For-You (DFY) emails (promo)
  • 1 new squeeze page that is optimized
  • 1 new thank-you page that is also optimized

OTO 4 – Internet Marketing (IM) Niche Domination PLUS

This OTO 4 is usually referred to as Lee Murray’s Kitchen sink offer.

Here, you will be able to access:

  • IM Niche Domination
  • Affiliate Psycho
  • Email Slick Twin Pack Plus

OTO 5 – 100% Commission Bump

When you choose to buy the OTO 5, you will receive 100% throughout the Passiveclass funnel.

When you use this offer as “your lead capture hub” to promote Passive Class, you will discover it to be the most engaging of them all. When you follow Lee’s training suggestions, you’ll get an exceptional result.

Lee also recommended that you should develop your own list first.

With that in mind, if you’re ready to market Passive Class, the 100% commission boost upsell is worth considering.



  1. Lee Murrah is a person of character who is engaging, and enjoyable to deal with, as I have discovered from personal experience. He’s a writer who lets his personality and sense of humor flow through in his published works.
  2. Lee Murrah is an email marketer with a lot of expertise. Drumrolls gave him the concept for list-building and email marketing. Email marketing is his passion, and because of his experience and skills in the sector, you will benefit from learning about it from him.
  3. Lee Murrah excels at developing and launching goods. He confessed in his training that product launches are his key source of lead creation and list development. His copywriting technique is also incredibly effective and cool.

In a nutshell, you’ll always find Lee Murrah to be the appropriate person to learn from when it comes to launching your product, creating successful copy, and email marketing.

You will learn more about developing your personality and displaying your genuine character or temperament in an online costume every time you watch Lee videos. Lee’s way of life is incredibly amusing and full of joy.


This inquiry may appear to be risky and amusing. To say the least, the Passiveclass’ ability to produce money is reliant on you.

The product has been proven to be genuine. To be honest, to obtain success in any system, you must be prepared to put in the necessary effort. This necessitates perseverance and constancy. This approach differs from conventional training programs in that it requires you to overcome numerous obstacles and rigors before you can see benefits. So there’s no need to worry about devoting all of your time and effort to something you’re not sure will pay off in the long run.

This is what distinguishes Passive Class from other classes. You won’t have to put in any extra effort or work with Passive Class to get things done. Lee is the one who handles all of the selling for you.

You will be making a lot of money in no time if you are ready to put in some effort to make this technique work. This approach will still require some time and effort on your part to make it work for you.

As can be seen from the proof on the official product web page, he was able to achieve good results in just a few days.


There are up to 19 videos in the primary Passive Class Review instruction.

Lee covers the absolute fundamentals of the tools needed to get started with email marketing and list building in the seminar.

He also advises using paid upsells. The welcome email and follow-up emails are the topics he discusses next.

He covered both free and paid traffic tactics in later training. His “Dirty 30” approach is an example of this.

He also briefly touched on the following topics:

  • Solo ads,
  • Mailer sites, and
  • Product launches as viable sources for building an email list.

At the tail end, he was able to cover:

  • Forum marketing,
  • Youtube,
  • Launch jacking and
  • The importance of driving traffic to your opt-in page

As can be seen in the training film, he did this to assist you in building your list before closing the session.

Lee Murrah, on the other hand, has stated that he is not a social media expert in the training. Even though he rarely logs into his Facebook group, he nevertheless invites Passive Class people to join.

The 19 videos provide a comprehensive explanation of the processes involved in list development and email marketing.




  • You can start using passive Class TODAY and start earning commissions in the next few days,
  • Lee utilizes this beautifully designed email to promote you and share the profits generated between you and him.
  • The step-by-step structure is all laid out.


  • Till now, there is none.




I implore you to take Passive Class Review very seriously and to be determined to profit from it. When you include Passive Class in your online business journey, you will significantly increase your chances of success.

I honestly feel that this Passive Class review will awaken consciousness in you, allowing you to make a good decision by taking a risky step to make it work for you.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.


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