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7 Minute Course Creators Review: A Proven System That Works!


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The 7 Minute Course Creators Workshop teaches you how to create simple mini-courses in under seven minutes. With this approach, you can be certain of getting real results. Additionally, you will get access to warm-up sessions, contests, gamification, and tremendous engagement.

Have you been faced with the following challenges?

  • You haven’t made any money from your course?
  • Why aren’t people finishing your course?
  • You have a lot of courses, but they’re not selling, and you’re not sure if your course topic is relevant.
  • Perhaps you’ve never considered building your own course and are unaware of how these easy money machines that create money at all hours of the day, night, and day can brighten your life.
  • You’re not sure where to begin or where to start with your course?
  • Then there’s the possibility of a better future.
7 minute course creators live workshop
7-minute course creators live workshop


Most marketers have become well-known, and they are now being compensated for their expertise by providing online courses.

Some people accomplish this by writing blogs or books, but an online course is another way to market your skills. Online education, particularly in the earned money online (MMO) market, is predicted to reach more than 24,240 billion people by 2021, according to worldwide industry analysts.

Furthermore, proper information and direction are required to begin this activity. Have you ever wanted to develop an online course but were unsure where to begin?

If you answered yes, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve come to the correct spot because this fresh new bundle, 7 Minute Course Creator, will walk you through all you need to know!

In just 7 minutes, you could have your course up and running. You’ll also learn how to create easy miniature courses and complete a Course that creates a subscriber list quickly.

In fact, you’ll be able to design your course in no time with this system! Close your eyes and go back once you’ve gotten into this technique, and you’ll be able to construct a procedure that will propel you to the next level!

7 Minute Course Creators Review: What It Is.

Assume you’ve previously created a course and failed to complete it properly because you didn’t follow a proven concept; perhaps you don’t have points, badges, or massive rewards comments, and you have no idea what your course could accomplish with too many lessons; you’ll need to learn a proven system that will make things work.

If you’re not building a list and aren’t monetizing your existing members with banners, popups, new stickers, and countdown timers; if you’re trying to be very fancy with your videos and graphics and your membership site is like “Cricket” and you only log in to access their purchases on rare occasions, and even fewer people provide testimonials and engagement, then you need to build a list.

7 minute course creators review: what it is
7 minute course creators review: what it is


7 minute course creators review: what it is
7 minute course creators review: what it is

Have you ever wanted to develop an online course but weren’t sure where to start? By requiring too much time to complete, it may appear to be intimidating or difficult. You’ve undoubtedly come up with ten or more excuses to tackle the problem, but nothing has worked.

Let’s say I told you there was a way to make your course in just seven minutes. I did say 7 minutes! I’m not referring to rebranding any PLR or white-label content. I’m referring to a course that you can be proud of and that will help you every day. This is now possible thanks to the advent of the 7-minute course developers.



Creator Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum & Chris Jenkins

Product 7 Minute Course Creators

Launch Date 2021-Mar-30

Launch Time 09:00 EST


Front-End Price $7

Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses

Skill All Levels

Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Niche Training Courses

Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

Recommend Highly Recommend!



This 7 Minute Course Creators is a live interactive 7-minute course creation workshop that has been proven to produce great results. You’ll be prepared to participate in a live 3-day session. You will set up your group in this course.

what is 7 minute course creators?

Product Rating: 7

Description: This is a 7-minute interactive live practical Workshop for course building that is aimed to earn you big-time results. You’ll be prepared to participate in a live 3-day session. You will set up your group in this course. I’M ON THE LINE RIGHT NOW!

Offer price: 7

Currency: USD

Operating System: All Systems

Application Category: Training Courses

Author: Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum & Chris Jenkins

3 Steps-What Makes This Workshop So Amazing:

 1. They’ll demonstrate how to finish the assignment and achieve satisfactory outcomes.

 2. You finish the assignment while a Countdown timer is displayed on the monitor.

 3. As you work, people will see the outcomes, and they will be inspired to succeed!

You’ll get real-time reports on their attendance and the procedure they’ve developed, which you’ve never seen before. Chad understands how to win in a group setting. You’ll be astounded when you realize all the implications of what you’re about to do after this launch. Uncover the secrets of making money online and easily create your own IM course. You may begin right now.

Continue reading if you’ve ever wanted to take an IM course in your field that doesn’t seem like piecing the piece together. After all, there are ways to turn heads and fill in the spaces, and you’ll soon be able to create a course in under seven minutes.

Today’s 7 Minute Course Creator is the quickest and most efficient way to build an online course. They’ll reveal all of the techniques that will allow you to design your course in minutes. It’s as simple as grabbing candy from a baby, even if you don’t have any technical expertise. You’ll have to wait as if there’s a catch. This page will not be available for a long time, since once this Workshop is active and increasing in value with each transaction, you’ll want to act quickly!


The following events will take place during the three days of the workshop:

The following is what you will get inside this day 1 course of the 7-minute course creators :

How To “TAP INTO PROFITS” Of 7 Minute Course Creators

After finishing this course, you will not be swimming in deep blue water. Swimming in a sea of fish might lead to encounters with great white sharks.

“The PICASSO Framework” Of 7 Minute Course Creators Review

The lesson begins on the inside with a canvas that already has a little portrait on it (most people miss that they start with a blank canvas).


Even if you don’t know where to start, you’re working on learning how to produce a draft of your mini-course. (If you say it this way, you’ll get a lot of inspiration).


If you need to make changes or updates to your course regularly, you’ll be able to do so with a single CLICK inside this course!

And this 7-minute course contains competitions, points, badges, rewards, and tremendous involvement among the creators, all of which will be carried over to Session #1! After you’ve finished this lesson, you’ll be able to start loading your course.

You will be able to learn about the following topics in this 7 minute course creators:

“THEME SETTING” Of The 7 Minute Course Creators

This tutorial will help you grasp the basic concept of this course in roughly 2 minutes or less (you are about to choose how easy it is).

“ZERO TECH COURSE CREATION” Of 7 Minute Course Creators

This is the truly brilliant part; you can quickly construct your course with only two simple clicks.


This model contains a formula that will help you create your course videos in a fraction of the time it normally takes.


You’re ready to start selling your course as soon as it’s finished! Even if you don’t have all of the necessary video footage.

In Session #2, you’ll find competitions, points, badges, awards, and a lot of involvement!

Your course will be fully loaded and ready to skip the short videos at the end of this lesson (and you won’t have to do anything).

What is covered inside this final course: The 7-minute course creators

“MEMBER GOALS” Of The 7 Minute Course Creators

FINALLY! You may learn how to construct your course WITH EASE, making it easier for individuals to achieve their objectives…

“POINTS AND BADGES” Of 7 Minute Course Creators

What if your member completes your video, downloads your files, comments on other people’s postings, and is eligible for rewards? And how will they achieve their goal? Okay, this lesson will demonstrate everything.


You’ve never been able to add popups, countdown timers, fresh stickers, or banners to a member’s section before! The developers of this brand new 7-minute course, on the other hand, show you how to accomplish it!


You’re about to find out how quickly you can prepare for the market by setting up your course. This is for you; the page is ready to go, and this guide provides buttons that you may use on your website, funnel, blog, and other places.

You can also participate in contests, get points, earn badges, win prizes, and participate in the tremendous interaction that is taking place in Session #3!

After this class, your training will be completed and you will be prepared to commence bringing customers.


  • 7 Minute Course Creators cover Done For You Templates
  • Step-by-step checklist and even
  • Proven graphics file. All included! Easy as 1-2-3
  • With a 7-minute course creator, you can learn the process of creating a more straightforward short course.
  • Sell, Bundle, or Giveaway they are yours.
  • Have a Course that people love
  • With a 7-minute course maker, you have a course that creates a customer list.
  • One that you sell every day
  • Grab an Insane Bonus Package Worth Over $2000


Step-1: This Package Will Show You Exactly What To Do Inside This Course

On the first day, get access to this live workshop and discover how to effortlessly create your course outline.


Step-2: Loading Your Course

The second day of the live Workshop demonstrates how to load your course; a countdown timer is displayed on the screen for you to keep track of.


Step 3: Profit

You will get everything you need in this Workshop, which will become a lifelong experience while enjoying your success with the courses you have designed.



Inside this bundle, marketing legends will disclose how inexperienced marketers can build their list and sell it in just three days after attending our Live Workshop by following this simple step-by-step formula! As a result, don’t miss out on this three-day workshop.



Front End (FE): Live 3-Day Interactive Workshop

($7.00 – $12.95): The consumer will participate in a three-day live workshop. They will set up their group LIVE ON THE CALL during this workshop! They’ll learn how their “7-Minute Course Creators Workshop” teaches students how to develop basic tiny mini-courses in minutes with real-world results, complete with warm-up sessions, gamification, contests, and tremendous engagement.” They have never seen anything like the response, attention, and products that take up space on this call.

OTO-1: 7 Minute Course Creators VIP Member

($37.00 – $47.00): VIP members are the first source of encouragement. Customers can find replays of their senior members’ areas here. For the call, they will also be given a chit sheet and a workbook. Finally, every night following the Workshop, there is a genuine Q&A session. Only VIP members are eligible to participate.

OTO-2: Trilogy Member

$67.00:The second encouragement allows the client to become a VIP member for three future workshops. They have been working on these workshops for a long time and schedule them every month.

Exit Pop Downsell: $2.00 Report 7-Minute Course Creators:

Anyone who uses their front-end to generate down-selling would benefit from this strategy guide. This tutorial will walk you through the process of forming your first group. This is a written version of what the Workshop is working on. The guide’s mission is to return them to the live interactive Workshop! As a result, you earn higher sales commissions. You might lose if you don’t. You get it after you finish the 50F sale!


You will be able to access all of the features listed below for free after you purchase this product:


You’re Going To Receive Instant Access To Our Exclusive

“7 Minute Course Creators Membership”

7 Minute Course Creators Membership



Inside This Membership…

This membership is designed to assist you in achieving your goals.
Forget everything you’ve learned about membership so far!

  • Step By Step Lessons!

You will be able to follow the tutorial in each lesson with ease, and you will be able to play these lessons on any device you have access to:

  • Attachments And Resources!

We will provide you with all of the resources mentioned in this video course.

  • Goals to Complete:

You will be asked to fulfill a specific goal as you complete each of these lessons. The main purpose of these objectives is to help you achieve tremendous business results.

  • Points, Badges, And Rewards:

Throughout the course, as you fulfill each goal, you will receive points and badges. Then you’ll notice that several of our badges are linked to real-world benefits. These prizes are just waiting for you to claim them.


You’re Going To Receive Instant Access To Our Exclusive

“7 Minute Course Creators Mindmap”

7 Minute Course Creators Mindmap

Inside This Mindmap…

  • Strategies Broke Down!

When it comes to producing online courses, this mind map will contain notes on the most lethal marketing methods.

  • Easy Follow Along!

This mindmap represents the complete process that we will follow during the workshop and strategy call. (You’ll be following along with us).

  • Updated in Real-Time!

You will automatically receive updates whenever we update the map with a new approach or technique. This mind map can be thought of as the ultimate interactive blueprint.

  • Make Your Own Copy!

You can also copy this mind map to construct your variations with your tweaks that will work with your courses… (an amazing planning strategy).


You’re Going To Receive Instant Access To Our Exclusive

“7 Minute Course Creators Strategy Call”

7 Minute Course Creators Strategy Call

Behind The Scenes Strategy Call

  • Easy To Listen!

This entire call was recorded in audio format, allowing you to listen to it while working out, driving, or simply hanging out looking for something to do (nothing too complicated…).

  • Nothing Left Out!

The essential suggestions, tactics, and resources presented during this session will astound you (some of these techniques aren’t even given in the course).

  • What to Avoid!

You’ll learn about some major blunders we made when we first started generating courses. We made mistakes that cost us thousands of dollars. In this session, you’ll learn what not to do.

  • Simple Step-by-Step!

We’re going to stick to that mindmap and go over every piece for you to grasp how the approach or strategy works and how it can help you become a great course builder.


You’re Going To Receive Instant Access To Our Exclusive

“7 Minute Course Creators Strategy Guide”

7 Minute Course Creators Strategy Guide

Strategy Guide

  • Printable PDF!

A 40-page transcription of the 99-minute “Course Creators Strategy Call” will be provided to you. You’ll be able to print the transcript and highlight the most significant passages this way.

  • Easy To Read!

You won’t believe how much effort goes into our strategy calls. This transcript has been broken down into an easy-to-read manner so that you can read the entire conversation.

  • Everything You Need!

This strategy guide allows you to effortlessly access your full package. Furthermore, this tutorial contains a connection to your mindmap as well as an audio call, allowing you to keep all of your resources in one place.

  • More Resources!

Inside this guide, you’ll also find more of our resources. With the systems, methods, and procedures that we have developed, we have generated enormous potential. You’ll learn everything there is to know about each of them.




It’s because you despise money if you wait!

Consider how much money you MISS OUT ON EVERY WEEK because you don’t have better, or any offers.

If you don’t want to discover the secrets we’ll unveil throughout this 3-day program, it’s probably because you despise money…

Master the “7 Minute Course CreatorTM method” and then go out and do it for others!

I always have a bonus or something to give in exchange for their emails when I go back to all the ugly little mini-courses I’ve produced, from which I’ve made millions from clients.




  • Support Multi LinkedIn accounts: This will assist you in creating a more comprehensive advertising strategy.
  • Report posts: the mathematical success time of the posts.
  • Re-post: This allows you to post every day without having to back up any positions.
  • Random Post: Selects a chance profile to publish at particular times automatically.
  • Support Multi-Language: It is simple to access and fully utilize the product.
  • Easy customization and multiple themes: Assist in making more choices for the administration interface based on your preferences.
  • Support multi-users: Not only can you manage it, but you can also share it with anybody you want.


This bundle is ideal for new internet businesses searching for a solution that will meet their needs. If you are on the following list, you should think about it.

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product creators
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Newbie
  • Business coaches
  • Local businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers



  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • Simple videos to be dropped in
  • Get more engagement and build an audience
  • Build an extensive email list
  • Instant access to the warmup sessions
  • Attend three live sessions
  • Massive community support
  • Guaranteed results
  • Certification at the end


. There hasn’t been any till now.


Inside this package, selling legends will show newbie marketers how to build their list and sell products in just three days after attending this Live Workshop by following this simple step-by-step formula! As a result, don’t miss out on this three-day Workshop.

Assume you were the one who completed the task. With your calling, the developers will take care of it. Workshops aren’t meant to be educational. It’s all about action.

Get access to this course right now to discover the secret to developing these smaller courses that will blow you away with your authority and help you grow a list that sells every day.

This is a method and process that has been in development for the past five years. This course has been thoroughly tested and confirmed before being presented to you. As a result, there is no need to be concerned.




Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end of this review. I hope that my evaluation has given you enough information to make an informed conclusion about these unique 7 Minute Course Creators.

Please keep in mind that this offer will not last long. As a result, you should act soon to maximize your prospects inside.



If you have any questions, simply contact us here


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